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"I was blessed to have a reading with Theresa. She was amazing and brought through several family nembers who have passed. It was like having a visit with them. She was kind and helpful. I would love to get another reading with her. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in a reading. She is wonderful!

Jeannie M

Jeannie M

"She helped me and my mom communicate with my brother who passed in 2021. She told me things only I would know and she said things that me and my mom only would understand. She was very sweet and helped keep the mood light and joyful. Very blesses for such a sweet lady and I would recommend her to anyone I can."

Cordelia P

"I met Theresa over FaceTime and she is so genuine. She got so much right about what is and has been going on in my life. She brought me a lot of peae. I am taking this year to work on me, take care of me and reflect on my life. I felt so comfortable with Theresa that I introduced her to my mother. I got her a session with Theresa as well."

Kelly T

"What an amazing experience! I can't recommend Theresa enough. I've never had a reading before and she made the entire experience feel so at ease, even when talking about some pretty difficult things. I was so impressed with the connections she made and she really gave me the gift of closure and a way to move on with love. Don't hesitate, book a reading!"

Arielle C

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